Provides comfortable and discrete stoma pouch, hernia & leakage support, allowing you to reclaim your active lifestyle.

Ostomy Support Appliance

The Phoenix Ostomy Support System is a patent pending ostomy appliance belt that conceals and supports an ostomy pouch as well as provides peristomal hernia and leakage support. The pocket forming panel is designed to support an ostomy collection pouch in a secure, horizontal position on the wearer's abdomen without interfering with the function of the ostomy appliance. T

The collection pouch is held completely covered while allowing the pouch to expand. The pouch remains readily accessible for removal and cleaning with minimum adjustment and without removal of the belt itself.

The System is adaptable for either right or left side stomas and is used be colostomy and ileostomy wearers who use a standard size collection pouch. it may be used with either one-piece or two-piece pouch systems.

"I have always worn my pouch vertically. How can it fill properly and not affect my stoma in the horizontal position?"

The Phoenix System allows the pouch to fill horizontally (without affecting the stoma) the same way it fills while you are sleeping at night. You should empty the pouch when you start to feel the weight of the output which is usually when it gets about one-third full. One-third full is the level at which the pouch manufactures recommend emptying anyway.  

Medicare reimbursement code: HCPCS A4396

In addition to boosting self-confidence and allowing the wearer to reclaim their active lifestyle, the System also offers the following features & benefits:

Ostomy Support Belt

  • Conceals & supports collection pouch securely.
  • Made of soft, stretchy, breathable fabric.
  • Encloses pouch in fabric pocket.
  • Reduces pouch noise.
  • Used for colostomies & ileostomies
  • Used with one-piece or two-piece systems.
  • Used with right or left side stomas.
  • Allows pouch cleaning without removing the belt.
  • Can be comfortably worn day and night.
  • Easily laundered.
  • Provide peristomal hernia support.
  • Help prevent leakage.
  • Allow wearer to control level of support.

Belt is made of 90% cotton & 10% lycra. Removable support contains synthetic rubber. DO NOT USE if you are allergic to synthetic rubber. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use and consult your doctor.

Easy To Use:

Mount collection pouch in horizontal position.

Wrap system around waist keeping adhesive flange/wafer between fabric and skin. Secure with snaps.
Insert pouch into pocket.
Snap flap closed.
Adjust fit on the side.

Care Instructions:

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low, no bleach.

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