Provides comfortable and discrete stoma pouch, hernia & leakage support, allowing you to reclaim your active lifestyle.


The Phoenix Ostomy Support System is one of the greatest cosmetic and practical inventions available for the usage of ostomy appliances. I virtually never go anywhere without this belt and sleep with it on. It prevents an ostomy "silhouette" from showing through clothing, it allows me to sleep without having to worry about a bag moving around, and it prevents many bag breakages. It makes the bag go from having an obvious "always there" feeling, to being virtually unnoticeable. I have ordered many of these belts and plan on ordering many more. I praise God that I found this belt, because without it, my life would be so much more difficult and it would be, as it formally was, often unbearable and filled with ostomy related frustrations. -Sincerely, Aaron in CA

From the first time I started wearing this ostomy belt I have been very pleased with its effect. What I really like is that with this belt there are no bulges as with other belts so clothing looks and feels much better. It's been great for supporting my peristomal hernia as well as my pouching system. By the way I have had a colostomy for 16 years. Also, the texture of the material is sooooo soft. Last but not least it is great for intimate moments with my husband. I highly recommend this product. -Joyce P. in Missouri

I purchased the Phoenix System for my husband after his recent surgery. Dealing with a colostomy made life difficult enough for him so when I saw the pouch on your website I thought Id give it a try. When he started using the pouch his confidence level soared. It was a perfect fit for him and he feels so much better during intimate moments knowing it is concealed. He is also an avid golfer and found it to be of use when playing; keeping it close to his body. Thank you for making such a fine product. -A Satisfied Customer in New York

After having an operation leaving me with a permanent ileostomy, I had resigned myself to the fact that I would no longer be able to do all the day to day activities that I had done previously. I was left wearing "frumpy" underwear and afraid to take part in any of the sporting activities that I had previously undertaken. After searching for something to help regain my confidence, I came across the Phoenix Ostomy Support. After a speedy delivery I couldn't wait to try it out..... It really works, out came the pretty underwear, and I now go about my day to day activities, even intimacy with my partner forgetting that I have even got the Ileostomy! I can honestly say it has turned my life around after such a drastic lifestyle change. A big thank you to Paige, who was professional and very helpful in purchasing my pouch. -S J Blair, United Kingdom

Since I have started wearing the Ostomy Support Belt I have had a lot less abdominal pain due to hernia around my stoma. It also makes me appear more normal without the large lump. Thanks again! I am not as self conscious about how it looks as I was. Sean O. in Arkansas

I purchased this Ostomy Support Belt with the hopes of making my life easier. And it has ...This belt has allowed me to forget about my Ostomy bag and the bulkiness, weight. noise etc. if you have a Ostomy bag you know what I mean. This devise is great ... it is comfortable and very discrete. I do not wear it 24/7 (I take it off when I sleep) but when use it I like the simple snap system that holds the bag in place, it is easy to evacuate your waste and the fabric is non-binding plus easy to clean. -Maury M. in Michigan

Last December I had a temporary colostomy due to severe radiation proctitis. I had two problems coping with the bag. One was fearing that the bag would come loose while in a public area. The other was my wife seeing the bag full of waste. My wife said it was no problem but to me there was a problem. As soon as I received the Phoenix Ostomy Support Pouch and started wearing it my fears seemed to fade away. I had been looking for something like the Phoenix for over 6 months and I found it by accident. You can tell the world that I think the Phoenix Ostomy Support System is GREAT. -Bill Smith, Edgewater, Fl

Your ostomy belt is a godsend and my husband and I highly recommend it to everyone. We've tried other belts and they don't hold a candle to yours. It gives him great comfort and self confidence. In addition, he's back to his old self - working in the garden, doing projects and general "bopping" around. He's less self conscience about the bag as it is no longer obvious under his shirts. Plus, it doesn't interfere with the top of his pants/belt. And he can wear a more conforming shirt without visible signs of the bag. I recommend two belts - so they can be regularly laundered and worn. -Susan in Texas

This pouch system has greatly improved my lifestyle. No longer do I have to worry about the bag getting caught or the whole thing ripping off. Everything it kept close and secure with no restrictions. A Very Satisfied Customer in Georgia

I have found the belt to be way more than I expected. When I am wearing the belt I honestly almost don't notice my ostomy at all. In my opinion it works better with disposable than drainable. I have already recommended it and will most likely buy another one soon. -John Q, Kingsport, TN

"I now go about my day to day activities, even intimacy with my partner..."

"This pouch system has greatly improved my lifestyle"

"..... it is comfortable and very discrete"

"My husband and I highly recommend it to everyone."

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